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    1. 歡迎訪問杭州金萊爾機電設備有限公司官方網站!我們以“優質的產品,優惠的價格、誠信的服務”與用戶共創企業之輝煌。
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      Hangzhou Jinlaier machinery is one of high-tech enterprises that specialize in wire & cable equipment manufacture and contribute to producing automated products, which is located next to the West Lake. With right place and right time, our company get expand within the customers* trust. Up to now, our main clientsare from Middle-Europe, South America, South Africa. Introducing advanced technology and using maincomponents originally from Japan, the United States and Taiwan, we can manufacture current advanced levelof high-speed extrusion line, High-speed wire cutting machine controlled by electric, high-speed stranding machine and other cable machines. 

         Especially we focuses on improving the product lines of Teflon insulatedwire, LSOH, Pefoam, high-densdity foam, special PU cable lines and Cat 5e cable, Cat6 cable and soon. Untilto now, high praise are given to our company by clients from Middle-Europe, South America, South Africa aferthey use our wire&calbe equipments. With the operation principle of quality product, concessional price andsincere service, we try our best meet customers, demand by continually inproving our products and collectingcustomer, feedback, welcome to cooperation with us and create a win-win situation together.


      地址:杭州市余杭區良渚街道莫干山路2031號 電話:13336091016

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